Help us save Market Bucks

June 19th, 2021

The MN GOP has once again tried to eliminate a vital program in the disability community. The program called Market Bucks was designed to encourage some of those Minnesotans to use federal benefits — what used to be called food stamps and are now known as SNAP — to pay for healthy food at farmers markets. Participants get a $10 match when they spend $10.

1. Go to the Information Booth at the farmers market.
2. Swipe your EBT card and spend $10.
3. Get $10 in free Market Bucks.
4. Shop for up to $20 of SNAP-eligible food at the farmers market.

The program is popular, especially with seniors and people with disabilities. “It’s important because it helps people who have limited food access, seniors and others, be able to have more fresh fruits, vegetables and Minnesota-grown products in their diet,” said Colleen Moriarty, executive director of nonprofit organization Hunger Solutions. “And that improves their health outcomes, and improves access to food that they might not otherwise have.”

The program currently costs $325K. That’s it, in a budget of $50B. The Senate GOP says it’s double dipping, they say it’s ‘small potatoes.’ DFL Sen. Erin Murphy says; “It’s not small potatoes. It’s important potatoes.” 

Win/Win/Win program. Supports farmers, local economies, and hungry Minnesotans.

We need your help!

The Market Bucks program makes healthy, fresh foods more easily accessible to low-income Minnesotans by matching SNAP/EBT spending at farmers’ markets. Currently, Market Bucks is offered at 99 farmers’ markets in Minnesota.

Funding for the Market Bucks program was eliminated from the Agriculture budget agreement announced a few days ago. Come July 1st, without the funds necessary to continue, the program will come to an abrupt halt—undoubtedly causing confusion and disappointment for all involved.

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